Professional creative copywriter Jon Dacquisto developed the concept and copy for internationally respected bus manufacturer, New Flyer Industries.

Jon Dacquisto makes technical writing sexy.


Jon Dacquisto is an award-winning freelance copywriter

Jon Dacquisto is a freelance copywriter with a consistent ability to create advertising and marketing ideas that become successful and profitable campaigns for his clients. He has almost 20 years of experience writing advertising and marketing materials, headlines, slogans, taglines copy and scripts for: TV, Radio, Print and Web Content.

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter who can
think outside the box?

How about a freelance copywriter who can think outside the box, inside the box and and throughout a galaxy of creativity in an expanding universe of ideas—as illustrated in my logo. But that's just the beginning. The real talent is singling out the idea that will become your most powerful and successful campaign.